The popular resort of Dalyan is in the province of Muğla, one of the best-known areas for holidays in Turkey, and is noted for the characteristic style of its buildings and the Iztuzu beach. This beach is a very valuable asset for Dalyan, being one of the few major refuges and breeding grounds in the world for the Caretta caretta turtle. These endearing loggerhead sea turtles, an endangered species, come to Iztuzu beach to lay their eggs. It is only the second beach in the world to receive an award for preservation of natural habitat, and is a real natural wonder.

A boat trip down the Dalyan river delta is an absolute must for visitors to Dalyan. We highly recommend you experience the magic of being on the water among the reed beds of this amazing natural feature- as if in an enormous labyrinth; and surveying the breathtaking panorama of the delta from above, as if looking at a great map. While your boat wends its way through the reed beds, the magnificent mountains rising steeply nearby add to the grandeur of the scene.

The tombs of the kings in Dalyan are important monuments that have survived for thousands of years. The massive rocks were carved with awe-inspiring skill, the tombs cut into the steep mountain side, which in places is at an 80-degree angle to the river. According to archaeologists, these rock tombs are evidence of the wealth and power of the ancient city of Caunos.

Besides all this wealth of nature and history, Dalyan also offers everything else that makes for a wonderful holiday. With its attractive town, mud baths that also attract world celebrities, and the health-giving waters of the Sultaniye thermal spring, Dalyan is an increasingly popular resort. When you visit this charming town, we look forward to accommodating you at the Boutique Hotel Montana where we provide reliable quality, every comfort, and service with a smile.